Prove or Substantiate

October 22, 2008

In the Summer 2008 edition of the HHRF Newsletter, we printed this headline: Benefits of Hippotherapy Proven By Washington University Research Team.  

This headline provoked responses such as this:


When I first read the subject line, the social scientist in me winced 
at the word “proven” – it goes against all my training in research 
methods to claim proof of anything in the laboratory of life. If that 
was the first reaction of someone who believes in & supports your work 
wholeheartedly, what would be the reaction of skeptics?


Thank you – thank you!  I promise this poorly placed word came from the exuberance of the HHRF administrative staff (yes – that would include me – a self proclaimed administrator-NON researcher) – NOT from any of our scientific committee members.  I am sure they, too, winced upon reading that word!  Thank you for your gentle reminder.  Even before your reminder we had other similar suggestions  – and have hopefully upgraded our entire website to better words – like “validate” – I don’t know how I let this headline slip by!


                                                      KC Henry – Executive Director 




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