NARHA Conference Experience

November 12, 2008


Attending the NARHA conference in Hartford Ct from Oct. 29 to Nov. 1 was, as always, an inspiring experience – I love being around so many folks who are exceptionally dedicated to EAA/T.

My favorite part was the chance to talk to the multitude of people – to hear what is going on in the small and large programs and in the industry as whole.

It strikes me that the diversity of this industry has increased dramatically.  There are so many exciting variations to EAA/T now! Including not only my personal background in recreational riding for people with disabilities, but also a strong and professional focus in areas of learning/education, corporate-team building (sample), hippotherapy, mental health, and many more.   The large number of people who expressed interest and support of EAA/T research was especially heartening to me!

Kathy Alm and Pat Mullins

Kathy Alm, NARHA President-elect and current V.P., standing with Pat Mullins, HHRF Advisory Council member, holding his 2008 NARHA James Brady Award.

HHRF board members present – Molly Sweeney, Octavia Brown, Michael Kaufmann and Judy Lightfoot – also networked and enjoyed the conference experience.  We made a concerted effort to take time to share and learn from board members and executive directors of every national and international association that we could connect with.  These meetings included officers/representatives from EFMHA, AHA, NARHA and FRDI.  We discussed many aspects of research and specifically addressed future collaborative possibilities and needs related to developing research that will further the industry.  We were really excited to be discussing partnering on an international basis – and we are looking forward to talking to the many other national and international associations who may also interested. 

We hope to establish an international research symposium in the not too distant future to further our collaborative efforts in these areas. 


We’d love to hear from people with ideas and interests in this direction.


Please e-mail me to share ideas, or leave comments on the blog!


KC Henry

HHRF Executive Director




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